My Story

I knew that something was wrong when I lost the ability to control when and where I would burst into tears. Was it seasonal depression? Was it because I was stressed out about closing on my first house? Or was it because the moon was in the eighth house and…

Exploring why Lawrence and Condola’s Fictional Co-Parenting Has Folks Triggered.

Photo Credit: Merie Wallace

The first night without my daughter included a glass of red wine, an oversized T-shirt and a box of Kleenex tissues. She was only a year old when her Dad and I split and the idea of missing a single…

How Haitian Independence Day Became Whitewashed

Photo by henry perks on Unsplash

Once a year Haitians around the globe comb through the aisles of their local grocers to collect the key ingredients to a 200-year-old tradition. On the days leading up to January 1st, decorations and noise makers barely take priority on the shopping list until the hunt for the perfect calabaza…


Geraldine is a Newark-based corporate real estate professional and writer. Her writing covers millenial parenting, personal development and social justice.

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