How Haitian Independence Day Became Whitewashed

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Once a year Haitians around the globe comb through the aisles of their local grocers to collect the key ingredients to a 200-year-old tradition. On the days leading up to January 1st, decorations and noise makers barely take priority on the shopping list until the hunt for the perfect calabaza squash has been properly vetted and secured. To those able to execute it, soup joumou (which is a squash soup that includes beef, various vegetables and spices) awards the chef with bragging rights within their community for the remainder of the year. At the heart of this tradition is a…


“Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing” is an African American colloquialism often used when one feels that they are being provoked to defend themselves in response to a verbal or physical action of another. UrbanDictionary.Com defines it as “A warning to others stating that if an altercation is to be avoided than the offending party should cease acting in a provocative manor.”

Despite popular rhetoric, African Americans have largely peacefully demanded that government and its institutions cease enacting laws that are economically and socially harmful to the Black community and to demand the abolition of institutions which allow African Americans…

An Open Letter to the Patriarchy

The FDR drive is a parkway which runs 9 miles along the east side of Manhattan. An estimated 175,000 vehicles drive through it every day. Predictably, black women could lay down on that very parkway welcoming 175,000 tractor trailers to run over them and the only thing they would be remembered for is not laying down straight or flat enough.

If you read that and sighed about the absurdity of this correlation, then you might want to check your privilege.

Absurd is being dragged out of your car and pinned to the ground for a broken taillight, then being put…

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It has been 20 years since the Columbine High School Massacre and since then, those in charge of running America’s schools have adopted security measures to ensure the safety and security of staff and students. However, without a guidebook, roadmap or resources on how to run a school during a global pandemic, school buildings may very well be the most dangerous place for children and staff this fall.

When building a school, a cast of professionals are typically enlisted in the design and development process: educators, researchers, anthropologists, planners, architects, engineers, building performance experts, and interior designers. This group draws…

Why social media’s meltdown about the Hollises Divorce announcement is toxic.

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The only silver lining that came out of 2017 was getting offered a six-figure salary doing something I loved. It made up for the fact that my marriage and my edges were both simultaneously falling apart (for those not familiar with this African-American colloquialism, I am referring to the edges of my hairline).

I was in a place in my life where although I was climbing the corporate ladder, I felt incredibly isolated, lonely, and ashamed. …

Geraldine Toussaint

Geraldine is a Newark-based corporate real estate professional and writer. Her writing covers millenial parenting, personal development and social justice.

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